How do I use a discount code?

Click on the discount code and we will automatically copy it for you. When it's time to pay on the store's website, paste the discount code into the requested field. There are a few different terms for discount codes, including offer code, promotional code, promo code, coupon code.They basically mean the same thing.

How do I add a discount code?

You can add a discount code or deal from your profile page or via the "Share a deal" link in the top menu of the site. When you enter a URL linking to the deal, be sure to enter the deeplink to the offer and not just a link to the homepage of the store.
When you enter a URL linking to the deal, be sure to enter the deeplink to the offer and not just a link to the homepage of the store.

How do I subscribe to newsletters and notifications for discount codes and deals?

Search for your favourite stores via the search box at the top of the page. You can also find your stores through the drop-down list at the top right of the site. On each store page you will find a "Subscribe to store" heart icon in the store logo.

How long does it take for my shared discount code or deal to appear on the page?

We receive many discount codes and deals. Most contributions land with our staff who need to double-check that everything looks okay. As soon as it is done, the contribution will be added to the page. It may take a couple of hours up to one day after your contribution has been received.

I do not want to subscribe to a store anymore. How do I unsubscribe?

To unsubscribe just log on to your profile and fo to "My subscriptions". From there, you can easily unsubscribe from the stores you subscribe to.

A deal without code - What do I do?

A deal without a code is most likely a "click-to-enable" deal, usually an offer for free shipping or discounted prices. Just click on the link for the deal that will take you to the store. If it's a SALE campaign, you will be taken to the product page and if it's a "Free Shipping" deal you'll see the offer at checkout when you pay if you've reached the qualifications of the offer. For example, "free shipping on purchase over 49 EUR" means you will not see the offer until you add items to your cash register for at least 49 EUR. Then the price is deducted from the total cost.

The discount code is not valid - what do I do now?

Because many of our discount codes come from our members unfortunately sometimes they may not work. You can vote for any discount code and deal via the thumbs up and down buttons. Click "thumb down" if a discount code is not valid or incorrect so we can check the discount code and fix any possible mistakes. MyNetDeal is not responsible for expired or incorrect codes. It is not allowed to contact our support to claim a discount for any shop. MyNetDeal is a free service and works only as a guide to discount codes, deals and promotions online.

I received a notification about a discount code via email but cannot find it on the page. What has happened?

It's rare, but of course it can happen. Most likely, it is because we have received a discount code or deal that was invalid or incorrect and it we have removed it.

How can I use my earned points?

MyNetDeal is continuously looking for partners and great deals for you to trade in your earned points. We will update when we have new offers. Please check back for updates.
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